Providing safe products is a big responsibility – and we take this very seriously.

We have rigorous safety and quality control processes, not just in our own section of the supply chain – we expect our suppliers to meet our standards and code of conduct, and provide safe and fair working practices.


Our quality and food safety policy complies with local and international feed and food laws and industry standards.

This guarantees that our products are developed, produced, traded, transported, stored, distributed and delivered in a controlled and hygienic way, with the safety and health of our customers and consumers as our priority.


We buy our products and services on the basis of merit. We consider our suppliers as extensions of our business, so we expect them to share similar commitments to quality and safety.

We deal fairly with our suppliers and partners, and seek long-lasting business relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We treat suppliers fairly and without discrimination and hold them accountable to support our Standards of Business Conduct.

Customers and consumers

We deal lawfully and ethically with our customers and offer high-quality, competitive prices and execute business accurately and reliably. 

Fair operating practices

The cornerstone of our CSR programme and code of conduct are ethical, sustainable business practices. Robust corporate governance is a critical element of our culture.