CSR policies


Our shared commitment to responsible growth rests with every ED&F Man employee. Ultimate accountability lies with the Executive Chairman, while the CSR Steering Committee acts as custodian for all CSR matters. Strong governance, through clearly defined roles and responsibilities, coupled with a framework for discussion and action, are essential to deliver our CR programme.

Our standards and policies

We have set ourselves meaningful standards to manage our environmental impact, ensure safe workplaces and product quality, and encourage ethical behaviour. These are defined in our global Standards of Business Conduct, which is reinforced by a number of specific policies and guidance supplements.


Standards of Business Conduct
CSR Policy
Supplier Code of Conduct
Whistleblowing Policy
Group Tax Strategy
Modern Slavery Act statement 2015/16
Modern Slavery Act statement 2016/17
Modern Slavery Act statement 2017/18
Gender Pay Gap Report – 2017
Gender Pay Gap Report – 2018
Gender Pay Gap Report – 2019

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