Good governance lies at the heart of our operations globally and ensures our policies on environmental impact, social responsibility, safety, employment, quality assurance and other business fundamentals are aligned with our values and the highest international standards.

As an employee-owned global company, our shared commitment to responsible growth rests with every ED&F Man Commodities employee. Ultimate accountability lies with the Executive Chairman, while our CSR Steering Committee acts as custodian for all environmental, social and governance (ESG) and CSR matters.

Most of our policies and compliance efforts are developed or assessed at group level. These are defined in our global Standards of Business Conduct, which is reinforced by a number of specific policies and guidance supplements listed below.

We encourage people to speak up if they see any behaviour that violates any laws, regulations or our own internal policies, values and behaviours. To report a concern visit:

Key Policies
ESG Reporting

Visit our Sustainability page for more information on our corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices.


Compliance is paramount, and we adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. We operate a rigorous compliance programme that ensures our business practices align with applicable regulations and we conduct regular audits to monitor and identify any compliance issues.

We are committed to doing business ethically and we must never compromise on our obligations to our customers, employees and the environment and the communities in which we work. Our Standards of Business Conduct documents the ethical standards that set clear guidelines for our employees at all levels of the organisation, emphasizing ethical and responsible practices. It helps us to act decisively to embed ethical principles within our operations worldwide.

Our commitment to ethics goes beyond compliance and extends to all aspects of our business operations. We are committed to conduct our business with the utmost integrity and ethical standards, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. We conduct business in an open, transparent, and honest manner, and we are committed to building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Our commitment to ethics is evident in all aspects of our business, from our supply chain to our corporate culture, and we strive to continuously improve our practices to ensure we are setting the highest standards in our industry.

Labour Policies

We are committed to maintaining a healthy, happy, motivated and diverse workforce. We adhere to the highest international employment and human rights standards and stand firm with the ILO Declaration of Philadelphia which states that “labor is not a commodity”.

Specifically, we adhere to non-discriminatory personnel practices and strive for a working environment which is free from discrimination and harassment, while respecting the privacy of our people.

We fully support the rights and voices of our employees and local communities who may be affected by our business activities.

We fully adopt fundamental ethical employment guidelines and principles including: the right for everyone to earn a living by freely chosen work without being subject to forced, bonded or compulsory labour, or trafficking; the right to just, safe and favourable conditions of work; freedom of association; and the right of collective bargaining.

We encourage people to speak up if they see any behaviour that violates any laws, regulations or our own internal policies, values and behaviours. To report a concern visit:

Compliance Reporting

Quality & Product Safety

At ED&F Man Commodities, we take product safety very seriously. We understand that our products are not only a representation of our brand, but also play an important role in the daily lives of our customers. Therefore, product safety may not be left to chance. It is only achieved with dedication and intelligent effort. We believe that the health of an industry is only measured by the quality of functions performed by the companies operating in it, and to what extent they meet their responsibilities. This belief makes us unique, and this conviction drives us to conduct our mission responsibly and ethically as part of our social responsibility: Deliver to our customers on time, every time, safe products of agreed quality that are responsibly sourced and processed.

For this purpose, ED&F Man Commodities operates one single Quality and Food Safety Policy across all its commodity businesses, ensuring a single set of food safety controls globally. This standard serves as a single set of HACCP/HARPC-based preventative controls ensuring we have regulatory compliance in all countries of operation and destination and makes sure we source the best products and ingredients from reputable suppliers that meet our standards.

In addition, we operate rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure that all our products meet or exceed industry standards for safety and reliability. Our team of traders and quality experts work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to guarantee that all our products are safe and meet applicable regulations.

This quality system supports our operations in managing all potential food safety risks throughout the supply chain; from purchase in origin to delivery to customers including storage, processing, and transport in between, ensuring we have full traceability, and our products meet contractual requirements and are fit for their intended use.

We encourage people to speak up if they see any behaviour that violates any laws, regulations or our own internal policies, values and behaviours. To report a concern visit:

Health & Safety

Every person has the right to a safe and healthy workplace, so we go above and beyond legal obligations and take extra measures to ensure this is the case. Our policies and procedures are designed to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses, as well as promoting good physical and mental health among our people.

One global standard for all

We operate a single Health & Safety Policy globally, so every employee benefits from the same high standard, wherever they work. Everyone who interacts with our company is protected from potential hazards through our comprehensive health and safety programme. As well as risk assessments and emergency protocols, we invest in training and development to ensure that our employees are hazard-aware and equipped with the skills, knowledge and personal protection equipment to protect themselves and their colleagues.

We also regularly review our performance, policies and procedures and update these to reflect the latest industry standards and best practices. By prioritizing health and safety, we believe that we can create a positive and productive work environment that benefits everyone and provide a safe and secure work environment for our employees and a worry-free experience for our customers.

Avoiding physical harm to anyone working on our sites is paramount. It’s that simple.

We encourage people to speak up if they see any behaviour that violates any laws, regulations or our own internal policies, values and behaviours. To report a concern visit:

Commitment to Zero

Our injury metrics are well below industry averages – but we won’t be satisfied until injuries at work are completely eliminated. Safety is a continuous journey and one that requires uninterrupted focus, dedication and commitment. As part of our sustainability strategy, we aim to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents every year and are working towards a workplace that is entirely free from known safety and health hazards by 2030.

“Our goal is to operate a safe and inclusive workplace at all our locations globally, where everyone returns home safely each day.”

Rene Kleinjan – Group HSEQ Manager


Our Lost Time Incident Rate


Accidents with
1 or more days lost
per 100 workers


Our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate


Accidents with
1 or more days lost
per 1,000,000 hours worked
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