ED&F Man Commodities are global experts in sugar, coffee and molasses. Our business relies extensively on our internal research team who provide market-leading insight and forecasts on supply and demand fundamentals for the commodities we trade in.

From the latest commodities news, group announcements, appointments and awards, to reporting on our sustainability projects across the globe and celebrating the work of our people.

We forge lasting connections with the local communities where we work and invest in charitable projects to improve education, health and standards of living, as well as sustainability.

Follow ED&F Man Commodities‘ progress with our annual reports and other useful information. As well as financial reporting and commodity trading trends, you can find in-depth information about our sustainability credentials and social impact.

We know sugar, coffee and molasses inside-out. Our internal research team provide market-leading insights and forecasts for the supply and demand of the key commodities we trade in. And we share our in-depth analysis with our clients.

“I have been working for Volcafe for over a decade now, and what I value the most is the relationships you build, not only with teammates around the globe, but also within your community and how connecting the supply chain can make a positive impact on farmers lives”

Maria Morales, General Manager, Guatemala, Coffee

As a company, ED&F Man values employees’ work-life balance and promotes a holistic approach in motivating their best work. ED&F Man / Volcafe offered me the opportunity to work with extremely smart people and perform challenging work. There has never been a time when I have been disappointed. A unique aspect of ED&F Man is the level of talent combined with a willingness to share and learn from each other’s expertise. ED&F Man is a company I am really proud of and great place to work. Because of the company’s culture and values, we as employees feel passionate about our careers and grow professionally. The last 7 years have been awesome in the company, and I look forward to working for many more years to come.”

Chalapathi Maralur, General Manager Bangalore & Head Of Agronomy Coffee, India, Coffee

If you’re intellectually curious, up for a challenge and self-directed in your approach you will thrive in this diverse and multicultural business where no two days are ever alike and you really do have the opportunity to shape the future in a fascinating, global business.

Adrian Osbourn, Head of Learning and Development, United Kingdom, Corporate

No day is the same working in such a dynamic industry and entrepreneurial environment. With our global presence, career opportunities are endless.

Dionne Cobelens, Trader, Netherlands, MLP

“With a diversity of clients spread across different regions, working with ED&F Man Sugar will allow you to visit, trade, and understand various regions within the soft commodity world; all the while allowing you to display your entrepreneurial skills when the opportunity arises.”

Issam Zeitoun , Trader, United Kingdom, Sugar