We support local projects and encourage our employees to volunteer on projects that improve access to education, health, culture and emergency aid. Whether that’s building schools, funding healthcare facilities, providing support and education to encourage sustainable farming or improving local community housing, contributing to society is a mutual benefit.

Being both a global and a local facing company, we work with partners and suppliers to support the communities we operate in and improve the welfare of local people. Our targeted impact and charitable projects focus on education, healthcare and sustainable agriculture and we promote a culture of employee volunteering.

Charitable Activities


With 70 per cent of the country living in poverty, school is still a luxury for many children in Guatemala, but we’re working to help them get a decent education.

San Pedro la Laguna school
San Pedro’s school kitchen didn’t have any equipment to prepare food, and was so run-down it was hard to keep clean. Over two months, our team built a new kitchen where children could eat healthy meals in hygienic surroundings. The new facilities will help children concentrate and learn for generations to come. Parents, teachers and children are delighted with the results.

La Montañita nursery
The school needed a wall, a roof and major improvements to its kitchen and bathrooms.
The kitchen needed hygienic cooking and storage areas. Parents were keen to transform the kitchen into a modern, healthy area to prepare food. We also built a perimeter wall for security and a patio roof to keep out the sun and rain.


We worked with the Costa Foundation to improve schools in San Ignacio, Nuevo Eden, Nuevo Sullana and Mazaronquiari, and build a completely new school in Chuquibambilla.

Many of the buildings were in desperate need of repair. Schools in these areas often only have one classroom where children of different ages and abilities attend the same lessons. Some children have to travel long distances and, with little classroom space, many children can’t attend school at all.

The renovated schools have more classrooms, better equipment and hygienic kitchens and dining rooms.


We built a nursery school in the coffee-growing region of Krong Ana, Vietnam.

Krong Ana district has around 300 children in need of nursery education. With some communities living in poverty, education is not always a priority.

Plus there are 48 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam, each speaking different dialects or languages, which does not help literacy levels.

We backed a project to build a permanent nursery school with places for 240 children. We helped finance six new classrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, a water supply and a playground.


HeartGift provides life-saving congenital heart defect surgery to children from around the world where specialized medical treatment is either scarce or nonexistent.

1 in 100 children are born with a congenital heart defect, making it the most common type of birth defect. Many of these children never make it to their next birthday. HeartGift was founded to address this disparity of care. Doctors donate their services for free and hospitals discount all the costs, but it is still an expensive undertaking – each child’s treatment costs around $25,000. More details can be found at

Since becoming involved with HeartGift in 2010, ED&F Man has raised over $636,000 and helped save the lives of 28 children. Katherine, the first ED&F Man-sponsored child, was flown to New Orleans from El Salvador for life-saving surgery in 2010. Most recently (January and February 2023), ED&F Man sponsored our 27th and 28th children – Litsy from Nicaragua and Daniel from Belize.

Jeffsy, pictured opposite, a seven-year-old from the Philippines, arrived in New Orleans with his mother, Delma, in 2015. Following his successful Tetralogy of Fallot hear surgery, the ED&F Man Liquid Products office hosted Jeffsy and his mother in a “heart”-warming reception in our office!


People in Lintong, Sumatra, have limited healthcare and educational facilities, so we organised three projects to help the communities.

First, we funded community health days, which offered free health check-ups, medicine and blood tests for around 2,700 people. They also educated farmers on the dangers of chemicals, and how to reduce exposure and eliminate chemical use.

We also launched a free English school. So far, about 50 students participate in classes each year – all children of local farmers. We plan to extend the classes to 300 children in three villages.

Finally, we gave the school modern teaching tools to train the next generation of farmers and agronomists. This includes state-of-the-art soil-analysing equipment, and training on how to use it.

New farmers can now develop a better understanding of their soil, grow more and use fewer expensive or dangerous chemical fertilisers.

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“I have been working for Volcafe for over a decade now, and what I value the most is the relationships you build, not only with teammates around the globe, but also within your community and how connecting the supply chain can make a positive impact on farmers lives”

Maria Morales, General Manager, Guatemala, Coffee

As a company, ED&F Man values employees’ work-life balance and promotes a holistic approach in motivating their best work. ED&F Man / Volcafe offered me the opportunity to work with extremely smart people and perform challenging work. There has never been a time when I have been disappointed. A unique aspect of ED&F Man is the level of talent combined with a willingness to share and learn from each other’s expertise. ED&F Man is a company I am really proud of and great place to work. Because of the company’s culture and values, we as employees feel passionate about our careers and grow professionally. The last 7 years have been awesome in the company, and I look forward to working for many more years to come.”

Chalapathi Maralur, General Manager Bangalore & Head Of Agronomy Coffee, India, Coffee

If you’re intellectually curious, up for a challenge and self-directed in your approach you will thrive in this diverse and multicultural business where no two days are ever alike and you really do have the opportunity to shape the future in a fascinating, global business.

Adrian Osbourn, Head of Learning and Development, United Kingdom, Corporate

No day is the same working in such a dynamic industry and entrepreneurial environment. With our global presence, career opportunities are endless.

Dionne Cobelens, Trader, Netherlands, MLP

“With a diversity of clients spread across different regions, working with ED&F Man Sugar will allow you to visit, trade, and understand various regions within the soft commodity world; all the while allowing you to display your entrepreneurial skills when the opportunity arises.”

Issam Zeitoun , Trader, United Kingdom, Sugar