First Carbon-Neutral MLP Site!


For many years we have been working hard to reduce the use of energy and water on our production facilities across the world. Various initiatives, efficiencies and engineering projects have helped reduce MLP’s use of fossil fuels by 39% since 2015 and its carbon emissions by 35%.

To continue this process and drive further reductions and future ambitions our environmental stewardship we have developed a multidisciplinary team to concentrate our efforts for maximum benefit.

As part of this process we recently achieved the milestone of having our 1st carbon neutral production facility. Now using only green electricity since November 1, 2022 ad switching all production processes to electricity our German blend centre in Dahme is now carbon neutral.

The effort of our committed colleagues in Germany serves as a model for others in support of our environmental stewardship and our goal of constantly reducing the environmental impact of our products and services.

Not only does this help us in our ambition to become more environmentally friendly, but it also provides value to our customers.

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