New partnership to bring organic sugar to Europe and the US


A new partnership between ED&F Man and Vietnamese corporation TTC will see ED&F Man bringing TTC’s high-quality organic sugar products to European markets for the first time. 

The ground-breaking agreement, signed in Ho Chi Minh City on 26 October, focuses on the supply and marketing of organic golden cane sugar produced at TTC’s Attapeu mill in Laos.

Attapeu sugar meets all organic standards from cultivation to final processing, and the new partnership ensures the product is fully certified under EU and the US Department of Agriculture standards for export to these demanding markets. 

It builds on the long-standing relationship between ED&F Man and TTC, dating from 2004 and extending from mainstream sugar marketing, including distributing Mimosa brand sugar in Taiwan, the Philippines and African markets, to cooperation in ethanol markets and molasses.

The partnership underlined both companies’ commitment to deliver long-term sustainable opportunities through innovation, said Joaquin Munoz, Commercial Director, ED&F Man Sugar, speaking at a ceremony to sign the deal.

“Organic sugar is a very special product. The growth and milling of sugar cane, cultivated and processed without chemicals or toxins, in accordance with organic regulations, is a vital sector for the future,” he said.

Organic products were not only important from a purely business perspective, with growing demand from conscious consumers, but also because of their contribution to health as well as soil fertility and productivity, he added. At the same time, investment would help local farmers and increase employment.

“The social and environmental commitments of this organic project are an important element of the commercial success of it. We’re committed to ensure we can build a well-rooted partnership, able to deliver a strong, viable and sustainable flow of Laotian organic sugar for the long-term benefit of all the stakeholders in the supply chain. We are very excited to add TTC Attapeu organic sugar to our offering, for the first time, and introduce it to our clients.”